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The Udderly EZ-MILKER was invented by Buck Wheeler.  He raises race horses in Ellendale, Minnesota and well known for his excellence in this field.  The milker was originally designed to remove colostrum from race horse mares.  This ez-milker has been redisigned and tested for sheep and goats.  This unit will l accomodate small and large teats.


The EZ-Milker comes complete with pump, silicone inserts for small and large teats, 2 extraction cylinders, udder wipes and 2 quart size milk/colostrum collection bottles and lids.  Extra bottles and accessories are available at additional cost.

 One hand operation is gentle on the animal, making it safe and easy to collect milk and colostrum.  Just a few pumps and the milk flows into the quart bottle.  Artifical colostrum andmilk replacers can be expensive.  Stock up on these for future emergencies.  Using the milk from your own herd ismuch healthier and safer.  I freeze the colostrum in ice cube trays. After the colostrum is frozen place in ziplock bags and use as needed.



The EZ-MILKER is a sanitary way of milking farm animals.  Just wash the teats, remove the wax plug, squirt the teat 1-2 times to clean out the tip, place the teat into the extraction cylinder and pump.

  Milking is quick and easy.  With one hand operation most anyone can milk their animals.  No-one needs to give up milking due to arthritis or other painful medical disabilities.  Just a squeeze of the hand held trigger-operated pump makes milking simple and enjoyable.

  This unit is portable and can be used nearly anywhere, in the barn, in the field, or on a milking stand.


Small teats and very large teats are difficult to milk and handle for arthritic individuals, such as myself. 

Th EZ-MILKER has changed this problem for me.


The cost of the UDDERLY EZ-MILKER KIT is $183.95 plus shipping and handling  $12.50. Total cost  $195.45  Call for more information.