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If you are looking for a fast growing meat goat look no more.  We can help you develop faster growing meat goats in as little a time as when the kids are weaned or sooner.  We are looking at the average wether weight at 8-10 weeks from 38-45 pounds.  These goats are on pasture and milk from their mothers only.


We had no idea what the results would be when we investigated breeding the boer breed to the kiko breed.  It took time to research and a willing to risk our fullblood boer does to the Kiko from New Zealand. 


We were searching for a faster way to raise meat goats.  Breeding the boer to the dairy breed just didn't  give us what we wanted.  It took longer for them to gain the weight and more feed, grain and alfalfa, and the cost seemed to be climbing with the increase in prices of grains.


By referring to the American Kiko Goat Association and reading about the development of the kiko we were on our way to a new venture.  The kikos are early maturing animals and are more parasite resistant than most goat breeds.


The kikos are superior foragers and can survive on native lands and don't need much suppliment feeds.  This has cut our feed bill more than half in the spring, summer and fall of the year.  Our winters in Colorado are cold and the pastures are dormant.  But even giving alfalfa during the winter months has certainly cut down on the feed costs. 


Another advantage is hoof trimming.  Like most goats hoof trimming can be a major time-consumer.  I use to spend hours, days and even weeks trying to get to all the animals to trim hooves.  Kiko offspring, whether full kiko or percentage kiko-boer, hoof trimming has nearly become a thing of the past.